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[IP] Dry Eyes

I see someone wrote in about dry eyes maybe being from menopause, etc.  I have
about the opposite problem - my eyes are always tearing, etc. especially for
the first 2 to 3 hours every morning.  I just continually wipe them with a
tissue, etc.  My lids are also always swelled in the mornings, etc. and when
outside in the dry air or sun.  Most of it is allergy related.  Many years ago
the opth. gave me drops which always took care of the allergies inside my
upper eyelids, but then they started putting a steriod in those drops and now
you can only use them limited time.  the best thing I have found now is
"Vasocon A" which is by Ciba-Vision and used to be available by prescription
but is now an over-the counter.  Anyone else have thoughts on this for me?   I
am 44 and got Type 1 at age 38.  I have had these eye problems before the
diabetes, but they seem to be getting worse as I age.   I do take allergy
shots.  I'm wondering if it is more than allergy related  - anyone have any
suggestions.  My new opth. seems to be way more concerned with checking for
diab. ret, glaucoma, cataracts, etc. at regular visits and doesn't seem to
want to listen to my "other" problems.  However when my eyes are always
itching and my eyelids are always heavy and swelled, it pretty  much just
makes you feel tired all day.  I am thinking of just going to a regular
optometrist who isn't all into the eye surgery, etc. who might take more time
to listen to me.
Thanks for any  help.
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