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Re: [IP] Re: Cherry and Kathy, I'm guilty too!

In a message dated 9/12/02 2:21:29 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hey, I think this shoes/barefoot thing is kinda like the changing lancets 
 thing. >>

I pretty much live in sandals (Birkies) with no socks. Neither my podiatrist 
nor my endo say a thing about it. In fact, my podiatrist told me Birkenstocks 
were about the best shoes I could wear.

One thing I do *not* wear are shoes with those things between the toes. They 
can rub the skin between your toes and cause some problems if you have 
diabetes (and, probably, poor circulation). I'm not taking any chances. Plus, 
I've seen some pretty ugly pictures of what can happen ...

As far as "other" shoes, it ranges from Minnetonka driving mocs to Bally 
loafers. Munroe sandals with a slight heel, and some sling-back Selby's. I 
just get 'em so they fit well and are comfortable.  

And I check my feet every day.

Jan and Elvis
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