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[IP] Re: parents/Jenn's mom

I'd like to add that I think parents of people with diabetes (that phrase is 
for you Jan and Elvis! :-)) can be as different as everyone else's parents. I 
feel pretty confident that Jenn's mom would be a nightmare even if Jenn 
didn't have diabetes.
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 9/11/02 9:24:51 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< > Does anyone else here have to deal with a parent like that?

thankfully, no.   not to say they don't worry about me, but they're
certainly not crazy with worry (or control).
it probably makes a big difference in that i was dx'd with diabetes at age
25, and was only (finally) put on insulin in january, right about the same
time i turned 27.  i'm actually pretty lucky about the parents, that even
though i'm 27, they're hugely supportive of me being in university, and not
out in the "real world", as well as helping me out with all the diabetes
not to say it's been perfect, but at least my father's been willing to
learn, and my mom's an RN who keeps up to date on as much medical info as
possible.  one of my younger brother's best friends (i just have the one
brother, just started law school) developed diabetes in his last few years
of high school, either grade 12 or OAC, so eric (my brother) has a pretty
good understanding of the whole process.
i don't get bad looks if i decide to have a piece of cake, or some chips.
they know that i can have these things in moderation.
one of the most important things for them, since i started injecting, is
that i contact someone every day, so that they know i'm still standing.

yeah, i'm pretty lucky.

purchasing pump tomorrow!!! :)

btw, while i'm going to look it up soon, what is addington's disease?  just

liz - ottawa
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