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[IP] My prediction for the future

You answered your own question!  You pointed out that insulin is a hormone.
Any hormone is a protein and proteins generally aren't stable for very long
at body temp (i.e. patch) and they aren't absorbed through the skin very
well at all (nasal membranes are a partial, but not good, exception.  The
examples you gave such as the smoker patch, the anti-seasik patch, etc. are
for the administration of chemicals, i.e. medications that are NOT hormones.
This is the same reason that it has been impossible to develope an oral
version of insulin, i.e. a tablet or pill.  Hormones being proteins are
chewed up by the stomach juices.

Do you think that you have an original idea?  Hardly!  Lilly and Novo have
been working on alternative ways to administer insulin since 1921.  If their
scientists and money can't develop an insulin patch, I don't think that your
wishing for one is going to come about in our life times.  I hope I'm wrong
but I wouldn't bet on it.

> insulin-pumpers-digest  Wednesday, September 11 2002  Volume 06 : Number
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] My prediction for the future
> Ok, so now you can slap a patch on your ass to get many of the hormones
> drugs you used to have take by pill...the smoker patch, the anti-seasick
> patch, the birth control patch...so why the heck not an INSULIN patch?
> surely it is possible...insulin is a hormone...just for the basal insulin
> course...and used in combination with the inhaled insulin for meals and to
> cover highs...?  what a concept
> Come on, wayne and jim...dash my hopes for this ever taking the place of
> pumps....
> This to me would be a worthwhile use of research - no more
> still would have to test, of course, to make sure your level of patch
> is accurate, and obviously, there would have to be different strengths of
> patch available, but they do it with the smoker patch...so....and surely
> size birth control patch does not fit all either
> so when they start marketing it...remember where you heard it first
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