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Re: [IP] changing infusion sets (Spot)

On 9/11/02 5:32 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Just curious what others say.  I know there are those who have been
> instructed by the companies to change everything (including tubing) every two
> days,  but my opinion on that has always been, that is because they are
> making so much $$ every time we change things out!!

There has been a change in those "rules" from Disetronic with their new
Rapids with Disconnect.   They come packaged in a box with one tube to last
6 days for every three infusion sets packaged with it.  Of course the Rapid
is a metal needle (try it, you'll be surprised how comfortable!)  and the
"rule" on metal needles is to change every two days.  With the lower cost of
the Rapids it doesn't "hurt" $o much to change.        ;>)

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