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[IP] changing out sets

Subject: Re: [IP] changing infusion sets (Spot)

Hey Spot,  I guess I'm surprised to hear that you, too leave your sites in
longer than what is 'recommended' for the same reason I always want to leave
Josh's in longer.  He has been having some GREAT BGs with a site that has
been in for 6 days (well,  this was last week) and I almost felt bacd wanted
to change it out.  I was always told, and heard it on this list that leaving
it in longer takes the risk of infection.  But, Man, when he is having such
great BGs you kinda hate to mess with things.  So, in other words, you don't
really see a reason to change out as often as what has been said??  So I'm
not taking a big rish with Josh by leaving a site in, say 5 days maybe 6?

Just curious what others say.  I know there are those who have been
instructed by the companies to change everything (including tubing) every
days,  but my opinion on that has always been, that is because they are
making so much $$ every time we change things out!!

Well, thanks Spot for your opinion.  As always, it is valued a great

mom to Joshua
- ----------------------------------------------------------
my experiences cannot be extrapolated to others. i suggest that you balance
the possibility of dka with leaving a set in too long. i did not recommend
using my site change timing. all the CDE's i know who are pumpers change out
every three days. please use caution in any change of treatment plans. I
know that you are a devoted mom so you will be careful, spot also the reason
for changing out tubing is that tubing can get blocked with insulin crystals

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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