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RE: [IP] changing infusion sets

Sylvia and others,
I have noticed that with Novalog, I can leave my sets in for a longer period
of time without having the redness, burning and itching.

I was leaving the set in for around 5-6 days but then when I take it out, I
wind up having a huge lump there that lasts for more than a week and it
itches like crazy all that time as well.  Sometimes it feels irritated when
touching it as well.

So now, I try to change on the fourth day and yes, when I have a good spot,
I hate to change it but I don't want to overload in one spot and possibly
develop scar tissue or whatever so I'm going along with the flow and
changing every fourth day...unless of course, a site is bad and I need to
change sooner :(......

Kathy B.
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