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[IP] Re: Repetitive strain...

>the general population.  I suspect that if you had never switched insulins,
>you would still experience the same symptoms.  (Technically, it is probably
>repetitive strain syndrome, not necessarily carpel tunnel.)
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>rpatative stress disorder is a fancier term for carpel tunnel syndrime.

Repetitive strain is not a fancier term...it is a broader term.  Carpel
tunnel syndrome is just one example of various types of repetitive strain.
There is actually a second RSS that is more common in the arm, but it is
generally referred to, incorrectly, as carpel tunnel.  I know...I have it.
Unfortunately, the actual name escapes me.  But, I don't technically have
carpel tunnel, although I do have RSS.  :-)

For the record, Humalog has nothing to do with it.  When it gets bad, I have
to wear wrist supports for a while.
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