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[IP] Paradigm pump


I have not had a good experience with my new Paradigm.  I haven't posted until
now because I made such a big stink about trading out supplies, that when MM
took back all my old ones, I figured I should be greatful and keep my mouth

I upgraded the end of July, and I am now sporting my third Paradigm.  The
first two there was a problem with the screen.  The LCD screen was degrading
and looking kind of mottled.  The only thing that I can compare it too is when
my meter was exposed to the heat, the screen would get funky.  My pump has not
been exposed to extreme heat or cold.  It has not been dropped or gotten wet.
I had the same problem with the second pump, so they sent out a new one again.
After the second one was on the way, the tech I spoke to about a no delivery
alarm said that they had received an email from someone up the food chain
stating that the mottling of the screen was not a problem.

The day before yesterday, my pump beeped, like its suppose to at the end of a
bolus, but I hadn't bolused.  Then it alarmed with that siren sound it makes
if you've ignored the auto off.  I looked at the screen, there were no open
circles or closed circles.  I checked the alarm history and there weren't any
alarms listed.

When I called technical support, they told me to go into another room and see
if it happens.  Maybe something else was beeping.  If it happened again in
another room, I should call them and they will replace this pump.  Then she
got a little testy with me saying that she didn't show in her system that I
had returned the pumps that were defective.  I told her that they had been
sent, and that the problem was definitely at her end, not mine.

Sorry so long~

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