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[IP] Pump Vs Number of Readings

As I follow the IP comments I keep wondering if it is the pump which
> improves peoples' A1Cs or the fact that they now test a whole lot more
> than
> before going on the pump.

I've been pumping over 2 years and for me,  it's both. I test more often
because the numbers usually make more sense than they did on MDI and are
easier to correct. My last a1c was 5.6.  However, my dad, pumping 2
years next month, tests about the same number of times/day as he did on
MDI, and his A1C has dropped from the low 7s to 5.8 last month. Plus,
whether it's the pump or testing or combination of both, we both FEEL so
much healthier without the extremehighs and lows.  Lynn
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