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[IP] diabetic kidney disease

I have to disagree with Jan's advice to watch fluid intake with early kidney
problems (sorry Jan!).  Dehydration can be very harmful to damaged kidneys -
it is important not to decrease fluid intake when kidneys are not working
100%.....but. ...once kidneys are no longer functioning & dialysis takes over
for them - then Jan is right -- at that point it is very important to watch
fluid intake very carefully and decrease the amount of
pop/water/ice/soup/jello/milk/alcohol/icecream etc... (not a fun diet!).   BTW
colas won't hurt healthy kidneys, it is when kidneys are sick and can't remove
phosphorus that colas are a problem.  The phosphorus builds up in the blood
(because the kidneys can't remove it) and it pushes calcium from the bones
making them weak.  Phosphorus isn't well removed by dialysis (that's why
phosphate binders are taken with meals) - so colas are not recommended even on
dialysis (sorry Jan!)

dx Dec 22/92
pumping Jan 08/02

Jan said:
<Don't over drink; IOW if thirsty, drink but don't <overstress damaged
kidneys.Stop the dark
<colas, but diet 7-Up, D.Sprite, and diet Root <Beer are okay. So is iced
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