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Re: [IP] About to go back to lantus

> I am at day 28 of my first pump, Paradigm.  I have spent many hours
> in person and on the phones with MM reps, nurses and my own CDE.  I
> have been in the hospital (for the first time in my 59 years)
> because of dehydration and have lost alot of sleep getting up twice
> a night to check my sugars.  My belly has been sore, red, white,
> poked with 3 different types of sets and generally abused.  I just
> cannot get a set that works well beyound 5 or 6 hours!  If I leave
> it in longer it gets inflamed and my blood sugar soars.  

What do you mean by inflamed???  Just red, or infected??
If it is just a general reddening, then suspect a reaction to the 
insulin-analog you are using. It is pretty common, reported by ~6% of 
the forum members. To eliminate this a possibility, switch to a 
different vendor for the insulin analog. i.e. if you use Humalog 
switch to Novolog and visa versa. Or, just switch to regular for a 
while and see if that works. If so, you can try the other insulin 
analog later. Just because the insulin-analog you are using worked OK 
on MDI does not mean you can tolerate it when it is infused 24/7 at 
the same spot on your body. BTW, many docs and medical professionals 
do not know about this problem. It has never been studied and there 
has never been anything published about it. What we have to go on is 
the reports from over a thousand pumpers that are members of this 
forum. 60 of them have reported similar problems.

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