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[IP] numbness, DRY eyes & more

Numbness in my arms would wake me from a sound sleep.  On mdi's, I was
switched to different insulins (humalog, ultralente, etc.) to try &
control some wild sugar action, I asked my dr. if the insulin/s could be
causing some of my sleeping problems, the numbness or the new apathy and
sadness I was feeling.  Also, my corneas were being scratched because my
eyes were so dry, so the opth. put plugs in my tear ducts (!).  My
solution was Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Sorry ladies, but besides
the erratic sugars our menstrual cycles cause, there're a few more things
awaiting us with menopause.  I only wish there was a single doctor who
could guide us through, so we wouldn't have to try and convince several
of what we suspect.  Even with studying and asking questions, it took me
almost a whole year to get past my gyne/ob's "you're too young for
menopause," roadblock.  Good luck out there. Joyce dxd 2/68  loving MM508
since 2/01


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