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[IP] Talk about ins. co. discounts

We recently had some discussion on this list about the higher price a
non-insured patient has to pay than the discounted insurance price. I got a
*pleasant* phone call today. Dialysis started 7/8/02. We got a new insurance
plan 8/1/02.

We got an E.O.B. from our first ins. co. for July - $3,000.00 deductible
which I can appeal. The neph is on the plan which does not require a
deductible, but the facility is not. Therefore, the usual discount is
$3,700.00 - which CANNOT be appealed!!!

I have no idea how the bills are going to arrive for August and September
until Medicare starts picking it up on October 1!!!  I ju$t co$t
wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooo much for what I'm worth!

Back to peanut butter sandwiches.

email @ redacted
To keep this on topic - I do have an insulin pump named Bluda $ue
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