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Re: [IP] Pump Vs Number of Readings

Thanks Billie for your comments - from the time I was 17 to 27 years old I 
thought of myself the same way! I took shots but never bothered with the 
blood sugars. I have been on the pump now for seven months and the daily 
regimen of blood sugar taking still challenges me. the rewards are apparent, 
though. my hba1c was 7.1 this past July and thats the best i've had in 
years. any tips you can give to an veritable old-timer who needs 
motivation/inspiration about blood sugar taking?


Type I 17 yrs. Paradigm since '02

<<<<It was hard to get in the habit
>of taking care of my diabetes when I had went for so long acting like I was 
>a normal person who took shots.  >>>

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