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[IP] changing infusion sets

We always change a site (if humanly possible) before a meal.  That way we
send a larger bolus through (not just a small bolus of .5 to fill the
cannula).  We never change before bed since we don't want to have to check
too frequently at night to see that the site is working.
------------------------------------------------------------- yeegads marion
it sounds like gabe has major insulin resistance and requires lts o site
changes as a result. the more changes you make the more probable is a major
non working site problem. i am fairly insulin resistant, 1 unit->7gm cho. i
leave my sites in until i am sure they are dead. humulog 5 days, novolog 7
days. too many changes use up sets and, most importantly, sites. spot. I
agree, I never change a set before sleepy time.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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