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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra test strip codes

Well Andy as we say in the biz, one man's data is another's noise.  I 
too have noticed a slightly higher reading with a lower code number, 
but because my sample size was also small, i called it noise. :-)
   However, even with your low BG, the error is only 9% and at the 
higher BG it's 12%.  The meters are only accurate to about 10-15%, so 
although you can detect the difference, it's not much to worry about.

>Wayne wrote:
>>  Well, I've had a lot of different codes, but being the perpetual
>>  experimenter, I've noticed that it really doesn't make much
>  > difference what code you put in.
>I'm also an experimenter and I have reached a different, though
>tentative, conclusion.
>I took strips coded 24 and ran two series of tests, each test series
>using blood from the same finger-prick. The first series was conducted
>with a low-ish bg and the second with a high-ish bg.
>The results were as follows (all results reported in mg/dl):
>First series, strips coded 24
>meter coded 10: 68
>meter coded 24: 62
>Second series, strips coded 24
>meter coded 10: 226
>meter coded 24: 198
>This suggests, but does not prove (due to the small number of
>samples), that setting the meter code below the strip code raises the
>meter reading at a given bg.
>regards, Andy
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