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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra test strip codes

Hi Sam, Joni and IPers,

Sam wrote:
> I just finished some strips that had 37 on them. I'm just wondering
> what the concern is?

Joni wrote:
> I have 31 Right now.. why are you asking?????

I've had a several other questions like this, so I'll tell you why I'm

I'm a process engineer by training with a fair amount of in-the-plant
statistical experience. I'd expect the strip fabrication process to
aim for the center of the code specification. Since the Ultra strips
have a spec of 0 to 50, I'd expect the fabrication process to target
for 25. I'd expect variation to occur around the center, but such
variation would probably be close to a normal distribution, so that
numbers just around 25 would be far more common than numbers near
either end of the range. Thus, I'd almost never expect to see a 3 or
47, but I'd very often see a 20, 22, 28, or 30. That I've seen a 3
worries me, since I can't understand how a well-controlled strip
fabrication process could ever produce such a code.

Since I live in France, I wasn't sure American consumers were seeing
the same thing. I've learned that they indeed are.

I've asked Lifescan for clarification. Here are the questions that I
sent to email @ redacted on September 10th:

> What is the process mean of the Ultra codes? Is it 25, the middle of
> the code spec range? How are the codes distributed around the mean?
> Is the distribution fairly normal? If so, what are the code limits
> at two and three standard deviations around the mean?

I don't expect a satisfactory response to my questions, but I'll post
Lifescan's answer when I get it.

regards, Andy
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