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re:[IP] Pump Vs Number of Readings (Long)

Charlie wrote:

As I follow the IP comments I keep wondering if it is the pump which
improves peoples' A1Cs or the fact that they now test a whole lot more than
before going on the pump.

I wonder if they had tested that much before the pump and then taken
corrective action (more insulin or some compensating food) what kind of
control they would have had.  Of course I realize that the pump avoids the
need for sticking the syringe needle in more often and that may be the
reason people are willing to test more frequently and take more corrective

I am on the pump now for almost 2 years, and i wonder the same. i did not 
test half as much as i do now. my a1c was pretty good on shots, but had 
problems with lows so that is why i went on the pump. but i have had more 
problems on the pump as far as change outs that went bad, and i get 
ketoacidos within 2hrs and then i get sick instantly. that is one thing i 
never had any highs while on ultra and humalog but i do now when i have a bad 
change out, here and there. sometimes i get so mad about that i think shots 
were better then i think of those terrible lows, that came upon me out of no 
where. i wish the infusion set had an alarm or something that said, ok your 
in and all is well ya know. just my thoughts. nothing with diabetes is 
perfect. i thought the pump would make me perfect, but it does not. after all 
it is the human operator of the pump as well, as someone i beleive Sara said. 
and we are all different. i know some people on the pump have none of the 
problems i have and others have better control then others. and so it goes. 
thanks Eileen pumping since 3/01
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