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Re: [IP] Dr. Whitaker's Program for Diabetics

About 12 years ago I spent a week at Dr. Julian Whitaker's clinic in southern California. After eating and taking his
regiment of vitamins every day I was able to cut my insulin requirements about in half. (I am a type 1) I was not on the
pump then. My observation was that he was mostly interested in type 2 diabetics. I kept in touch with a couple of the
people there and noted their progress after they left the clinic. There was a woman who was diabetic and had some sort of
metal poisoning. She had been living overseas somewhere where the water wasn't pure. Dr. Whitaker put her on chelation
therapy which is the standard therapy for metal poisoning, she no longer has diabetes, rashes on her legs cleared and many
other symptoms went away. Of all the docs she saw, it looks like Whitaker was the only one who gave her the proper

I didn't continue the plan for very long when I got home because it required so much work. You get up and start chopping
fruit and vegetables for breakfast. As soon as you are done eating breakfast, you have to go to the kitchen and chop
veggies for lunch, and then for snack, and then chop and chop and chop some more... chop! chop! chop! chop!.... you get the
picture. 8-)

He seems to have become rather flamboyant these days, but I think he has a good idea. Also there are 2 books called
"Reversing Diabetes" one is by Dr. Whitaker, I think the other is by Dean Ornish or someone (?). Of Dr. Whitakers books
there are 2 revisions. The first one is very detailed and talks a *lot* about how the medical establishment has screwed up
over the years, and how the oral drugs given to type 2 patients, have never been proven to be effective at all, and many of
the drugs make people sicker that they were to begin with. So in the first book, there's a lot of dirt he has found out
about the medical establishment. In the second book, it appears as though someone has gotten to him. It's all cleaned up
and very main stream. Back when I visited his clinic, other such clinics that distributed vitamins were being raided by the

I know of at least one person who has dramatically changed his cholesterol reading by eating ground up flax seeds.
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