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[IP] Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I contracted Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a few years before my diabetes was diagnosed.  For about 17 years I used a mega dose of Vitamin B with very good success.

After my son was born my Carpal Tunnel's got worse (I didn't take my mega B dring my pregnancy or after as I was breastfeeding).  I used wrist splints at night but found I needed them 24/7.  It is hard to hold a baby with wrist splints on.  I resorted to surgery with success.  When I stopped breastfeeding my son (at age 2) I went back to my Super B and have been doing well in the CT department since.

My humalog use started post surgery and I haven't (cross my fingers) had a serious reoccurrence of CT.

I have read some research that indicates one of"our" deficiencies is Vitamin B.  I know that is particularly true for me.

Hope this will help some of you,
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