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Re: [IP] Humalog Side Effects


about your tingling and side effects from Humalog....
I started a few years ago using Humalog with a sliding scale along with my 
Humulin R and NPH. I have been experiencing tingling and numbness(like my 
hands/arm are asleep) for over a year. It will be like that when I wake up or 
if I do not use hands/arms for a long time, like if I am watching TV or 
something. I have just figured it was early signs of neuropathy and not even 
mentioned it to my Dr.
I am using ONLY Humalog now in my pump and I still have the tingling and 
numbness.(well I am actually switching to Novalog in the next few days when 
it is time to change my site).
I am going to the Dr next week and I am going to ask him about the tingling 
and numbness(I have also started dropping things every now and then). I also 
am having BAD numbness in my feet and pain and burning. So I have decided it 
is time I go let the Dr. check me out.
I will ask him about if Humalog could possibly be causing it , but I really 
think it is just the diabetes and early signs of neuropathy, but 
maybe/HOPEFULLY I am wrong!
Good Luck !

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