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[IP] Re: NewMM 508 problem

> Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 1:33:16 -0400
> From: <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] New MM508 - problem
> With my refurbished MM5o8 problems I took a 
vacation from my pump for 7 days.  Followed Dr. 
Bernstein's Diet;  woke myself up twice a night for 
shots and had mostly normal blood sugar readings.  I 
was very pleased to see I had "NO SPIKING" after 
meals which I always seem to have with the pump.
> With this regime I managed to reduce my insulin 
intake by an average of 2/3 per day.  I was down to an 
average of 9 - 9.5 units/day and felt great.
> Today I reconnected to my new pump (a loaner from 
MM Canada;  I also have a refurbished loaner from 
California).  I carefully checked tubing/reservoir for 
bubbles/air blocks.  Even put on my magnifying specs 
to make sure I could pick up tiny bubbles.  Everything 
looked clear.
> Went to a restaurant I've been to before (so I know 
now, through experience, my bolus amounts). I was 
shocked to watch my BS rise to 22. (after 3 hours)  So I 
did another big bolus and my BS level went to 26.5.  I 
checked the tubing, canula and everything looked good. 
> I thought the problem might be due to my insulin. I 
disconnected my pump and bolused by syringe.  It is 
not an insulin problem.  My blood sugars went down 
the way they usually do with a high like this.
> I'm very puzzled.
> Could this be due to a micro set (I usually use the 
> Could my abdomen (where I've been inserting for 2 
years) be posing problems?
> I have severe allergies and sensitivities to everything 
under the sun.  Could I be allergic to the tubing?
> I welcome your insights and help.
> With thanks,
> Nancy 

Thank you, Sara.

 problems. have you 
> tried using legs or upper hip or love handle area?

I am really thin.  No love handles; no flesh beyond skin 
cover on my hips. I could try my legs.  Do I use my 
thighs? My skin there is still pretty tough after using 
them ( and my buddocks) for multiple injections over 25 
> > I have severe allergies and sensitivities to 
everything under the sun.
> possible...have you tried the bent needle set? have 
you tried different tapes 
> or wipes or cleansers??

I don't use wipes/cleaners because of my sensitivites.  
I would much appreciate suggestions for different tape 

What is a bent needle set?

I noticed the micro set didn't have the anti-bacterial tape 
that the ultimate does. Wonder if that was a 

> > Could I be allergic to the tubing?
> tubing does not go IN you so I don't think that is it, but 
the canula part of 
> course does and as above, an allergy is 
possible...(though as I understand an 
> allergy is a reaction to a protein, and I don't know 
what protein is involved 
> in the catheter or tubing...Jim H?  Wayne??)  Many 
people have reported 
> "adverse reactions" to the teflon, to the humalog, to 
the other insulins...to 
> the sticky wipe they use - every variable adds 
something else that could be 
> causing these numbers.

I'm allergic to a multitude of chemicals. My 
environmental MD specialist was not supportive of my 
trying the pump.  I went ahead anyway figuring that if I 
could keep my blood sugars at a more even keel I 
could give my system a little boost in dealing with my 
> were you following the bernstein diet when this 
happened?  if not, perhaps 
> the shock of a regular carbohydrate meal was too 

Yes, I was following the Bernstein diet up to the CHO 
meal.  I bolused for the meal.  3 hours later, my blood 
sugars soared.  I bolused another 9 units to cover the 
22mml BS and my BS went to 26mml in 30 minutes.  I 
disconnected and shot up 10 units and within 1 h my 
blood sugars had dropped 5mml and continued to 
drop, in their normal pattern, after that.
> As you can see, alot of factors or a combination of any 
of them could  be the 
> cause of your highs....I htink the most important thing 
to look at is HOW DID 

Infusion set insertion was done the same way 
yesterday but with a different infusion set.  Bolused a 
tried and true amount for the meal out. 
> I'd say, give it some time....remember infused insulin 
drips in slowly, as 
> opposed to injected insulin that gets forced in 
quickly...many the different 
> delivery system works better for you (though the idea 
of waking up at night 
> to test and shoot up would kill me....

The thought of not sleeping through the night is a 
deterrant, for sure.  

However, I think I might need less insulin than the 
minimum .1 units my MM508 can give me at different 
times during the day and particularly at night. For 
example,  I shoot up with 1 unit of insulin when my BS 
reaches 6 and I'm good for 3 hours.  If my pump basal 
is .2 for that period of 3 hours my BS levels are not as 
good as the injections.  My BSs tend to be higher - I 
bolus to compensate and my insulin levels go up.

This is weird.

> Even the psyche could be affecting you...Maybe, sub 
consciously, you are 
> freaked out about being re-hooked?  all you can do is 
try again..It certainly 
> isn't anything YOU are doing wrong I am sure!!

You're right Sara. I am freaked out about losing my 
external pancreas. Not one but two of them in a week.  
I'm  scared of my pump, now.  My last malfunctioning 
loaner was giving me too much insulin.  I have been 
very fortunate, so far, in avoiding severe lows;  however, 
I have watched and helped my brother, who has had 
hypoglycemic unawareness since Day 1, ( (and he was 
diagnosed  12 years earlier than me), and I am terrified 
of that.  So that could be a big factor.  I figure I can't trust 
my machine anymore; I can trust my syringes.

Thanks, again, Sara and everyone for giving me space 
to write. Since I joined the group I've realized how 
isolated I've been with this disease.  You've helped me 
a lot.  I find comfort, in my heart and head, when I read 
of your courageous struggles ( especially those of you 
with children) and your creativity in dealing with them.

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