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[IP] RE: Disconnecting for Roller Coasters

In a message dated 9/9/2002 1:22:36 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> email @ redacted wrote:
> > I've always wondered if Katie should be disconnecting when she goes on
> > rollercoasters
> I've never bothered.  For one thing, on a busy day when you may be waiting
> in line for a good hour, when would be a good time to disconnect?  Before
> you get in line?  Not good.  At the station?  Then what do you do with the
> pump?  I wouldn't trust leaving it with someone in the station, so it ends
> up going on the ride with  you ANYWAY.

Oh, I don't have her take her pump off and I'm with you about about not 
trusting it to some joker at the station -- I just have her disconnect her 
set at the site & tuck her tubing away right before she's going to get on the 
ride.  Her pump goes on the ride with her -- it's just that this way if the 
"g forces" did by chance cause the plunger in the cartridge to force out some 
insulin during the ride, the insulin would just drip out the end of her set 
and NOT into her . . . she just connects back up at the end of the ride .  .  
. so she's only disconnected for maybe a minute or two.  As I said before, 
I'm probably overly cautious, but then again I also doubt that FDA testing 
involves the kind of g forces that todays roller coasters put out so I figure 
it's a little enough thing to do as "insurance" .  . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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