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[IP] MicroAlbumin test--What's happenin' to my kidneys??

This is a follow up from the post I did last week. I redid my urine test
(which read 660.8 when a normal range is 0-29). Since I was on my period the
first time I did the test, I was hoping the results were wrong. Turns out they
weren't. This time it read 664.
I'm taking 2mg of Mavik (ACE inhibitor) now. The endo didn't seem that
concerned and said we'd recheck me and do more tests when I go back in
January. At least one person said I should see a nephrologist NOW instead of
waiting and taking chances.
What exactly is the danger zone? I mean, are there people on the list running
much higher albumin numbers than this?
Does anyone know a good resource for me to check out to learn more about
this?  I surfed the web a bit but just kept finding sites with a lot of jargon
that seemed directed at doctors instead of the lay person.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
Where there are only three endos, all in the same clinic.  I wonder how many
nephrologists we have??
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