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[IP] Re: Pump and batteries--H-tron

You mean I don't have to change the battery as soon as the alarm goes off?  I 

have the H-tron Plus also!


     With the H-tron pump, when the battery alarm goes off, you push the 
button to clear the alarm, then push it again.  If the pump can go into Run 
mode, you just carry on.  Sometimes our pump will alarm and then the battery 
will still be good for weeks.  
     Did I tell everyone that Claire had a motor battery that lasted OVER 5 
MONTHS!  Hard to believe, but I write down the dates that I change batteries. 
 However, in our last order I was sent all old type batteries again.  I order 
from a third party supplier in Canada.  The next motor battery (old type) 
lasted only 22 days and was alarming in the middle of the night, which did 
not wake Claire.  
     I phoned Disetronic to ask if the pump was still delivering basal 
insulin while it is beeping "low Motor battery" alarm.  The guy didn't know, 
then went and checked and said that it is still delivering if when you clear 
the alarm the pump will go into Run mode.  Any of you know any differently?  
I was upset by this middle of the night alarm, as Claire recently spent the 
weekend in hospital in DKA and I don't want the experience repeated. 
      I asked if they would switch my entire order of batteries (old type) 
for new ones, but he said they could only replace them for free when they 
failed quickly.  He also said he didn't know anything about batteries coming 
from a different supplier from last year.  However, when he checked the 
serial number on the battery that had failed so quickly, he said it was so 
old it wasn't even showing up in their records anymore. So I guess I will 
just have to run through this supply of batteries quickly, to get rid of 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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