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[IP] Insurance opinion needed


    I have been told by my CDE that I should be getting a pump in about six
weeks. She said to check my co-pay. I looked over my insurance information and
found that durable medical equipment is covered 100% (Lucky me, believe me I
know because I have been without insurance). Anyway, it also says that
supplies needed to run the equipment like oxygen hoses, masks, etc for oxygen
tanks are covered too. So, does this mean that my infusion sets will be
covered 100% without any co-pay? After all an infusion set is needed to run
the pump.
    I was wondering if anyone else has there insurance worded like mine, and
what you have found out. I could call my provider but will wait until I get a
couple of opinions first. My experience with customer service with my provider
has been half positive half negative. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Community
Blue (HMO) of Pennsylvania a part of Keystone Healthplan West.
    I'm not trying to be cheap as far as co-pays go it is just that I have
other meds where I have $20.00 co-pays because only a brand is available.
Which brings up another question. Why do we have to pay the brand co-pay when
only no generic is available? It's not like we have a choice and are going for
the brand.
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