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[IP] New MM508 - problem

With my refurbished MM5o8 problems I took a vacation from my pump for 7 days.  Followed Dr. Bernstein's Diet;  woke myself up twice a night for shots and had mostly normal blood sugar readings.  I was very pleased to see I had "NO SPIKING" after meals which I always seem to have with the pump.

With this regime I managed to reduce my insulin intake by an average of 2/3 per day.  I was down to an average of 9 - 9.5 units/day and felt great.

Today I reconnected to my new pump (a loaner from MM Canada;  I also have a refurbished loaner from California).  I carefully checked tubing/reservoir for bubbles/air blocks.  Even put on my magnifying specs to make sure I could pick up tiny bubbles.  Everything looked clear.

Went to a restaurant I've been to before (so I know now, through experience, my bolus amounts). I was shocked to watch my BS rise to 22. (after 3 hours)  So I did another big bolus and my BS level went to 26.5.  I checked the tubing, canula and everything looked good. 

I thought the problem might be due to my insulin. I disconnected my pump and bolused by syringe.  It is not an insulin problem.  My blood sugars went down the way they usually do with a high like this.

I'm very puzzled.

Could this be due to a micro set (I usually use the ultimate)?

Could my abdomen (where I've been inserting for 2 years) be posing problems?

I have severe allergies and sensitivities to everything under the sun.  Could I be allergic to the tubing?

I welcome your insights and help.

With thanks,
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