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Re: [IP] Re: Is anyone using U-500?


At 09:59 AM 09/09/2002 -0500, you wrote:


>On 9/9/02 9:29 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>
> > Jan,
> >
> > My thought would be to mix to U200.   When I was mixing H/V, I used an
> > empty bottle and measured as accurately as I could using a syringe. Then
> > put both in the bottle and loaded the pump from the mixed bottle.
> >
> > Check my math.  Would U200 be 2 parts U500 and 3 parts dilutant?
> >

After the fact, editing and proof reading is simple.............     :)

>Sorry, Jim, but you just went "hypo".   You "mixed" a U250 concentration.
>Personally, I would not want to mix,  I'd simply get a pump that would hold
>3 cc's.   A pump that holds half of that only seems like half of a pump.
>(2 parts U500 and 3 parts diluent)

Actually I didn't go hypo.

My fingers were disconnected from my brain. The brain knew 3 and my fingers 
poked me in the email.

My eyes also went bad - I saw what I expected to see, not what I wrote....   :(

Thanks for checking the math like I asked!!!!!!!     <VBG>

The original post follows and I couldn't answer the question related to the 
Paradigm and diluting.

 >I am scheduled for Paradigm upgrade training this Friday and this is my 
question and >dilemma:

 >I'm currently using about 50- 60 units of Humalog per day in my 508. 
Since I don't >really want to change reservoir and site every other day, I 
have asked my CDE if I
 >could use U-500 Regular in the Paradigm (since MM has apparently dropped the
 >U-200 ball), but I want to dilute it in half to U-250. This would give me 
1/4 unit
 >per .1 bolus or 4 units per 1 unit. My Endo's office currently has nobody 
 >dilutions in a pump. So - is anybody currently using U-500, either full 
strength or
 >diluted in a Paradigm? I know that there are people who dilute to U-50 
and I would >appreciate that input, too.

If were personally in that situation, I doubt that I would upgrade.   (But 
that was not the question that was asked either.)   :(

Take what you like and leave the rest,

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Needing to remember that my feelings & opinions may have nothing to do with 
Facts are easy to ignore when I have feelings and opinions that don't agree 
with them.
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