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[IP] u200

> To make a 40% solution of U500
> use 40 parts U 500 and 60 parts water (dilutant) = 100
> divide by 20 = 2 parts U500 to 3 parts dilutant.

Are you saying the above formula turns out u100???? What's that 100 mean?

> But why not just buy U200?  Not available?

There is no u200 and the pumps are not programmed for that concentration.
That's the scary thing I was talking about when someone attributed to *me*
the original desire to make this *recipe*. ;)  There are toooooo many
variables to forget the constant calculation involved to deliver the correct
amount. I'd go with the suggested 300u reservoir, or with the straight u500
if the pump can be programmed to that concentration. Disetronics has pumps
with those capacities called the Panomat. (~_^)

@Naah... diluting insulin with water is a no-no it should be buffered
diluent. water will wreck the insulin molecule. spot

A. L. Bender, M. D.
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