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Re: [IP] Re: pump and batteries

>is this for the regular H-tron? I have the H-tron plus and the low battery 
>alarm starts going off about every 4 hours or so, when the battery is 
>getting really low then it beeps on the hour, it does eventually just 
>stop. Most of the time I can go the rest of the day(or more) before I have 
>to change. I have found that the electronic battery can go longer beeping 
>at me each hour - the motor battery usually needs to be changed in the 
>next 5-6 hours or so.
>Linda & DaX

Depends on the batteries and how fast they go.  I've had batteries last for 
days even weeks after the alarm and have had the batteries die 
immediately.  I called Disetronic Tech Support once and asked them why the 
batteries sometimes fail immediately, and they told me it had to do with 
how much power was left in the batteries when the first alarm goes 
off.   Don't know why they're not more consistent, but they aren't for 
me.  And, my electronic battery dies more frequently than does the motor 
battery, and most often when I'm priming a new cartridge.

H-Tron Plus
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