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Re: [IP] Insurance POS vs. Indemnity

Kevin, It is a difficult decision to make, but at least you have a choice.
If you can afford it, it seems like the indemnity would serve you the best

Does your company have a flex plan?  If it does, you can calculate how much
out-of-pocket expense you'll have in a year, have an amount deducted from
your paycheck (not paying taxes on it) and get the money back from you
employer after you have had an out-of-pocket expense.

It just feels like such a step backward not to have a doctor readily
available for your diabetes needs unless the there's a good primary
physician  in the POS plan who can really help you with your diabetes.

Good luck with your decision.


> I am about to start a new job and need to pick an insurance plan.
> The indemnity plan covers pretty much everything at 80%, which means
> and doctors equipment will cost quite a bit (which is ok, because luckily
I am making enough money).
> The other is a Cigna POS, where I need a primary physician to send me to a
specialist every time I go.  Then everything turns out to be real cheap.
> However, with this one, does anyone know if it will be difficult to get
> referred to the specialists I have been using?  Also, my diabetes
> is not part of the network, so Cigna says that the perscriptions he writes
> will be out of network.
> I really like my doctor and would prefer not to switch.
> Thanks for any advice
> Kevin Gorman
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