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[IP] Re: Greg Legowski's "Amusement Parks" replie

To: Greg Legowski
Thanks for the info about pump security while riding coasters.  I've only had
my pump for 6 days so I only have the cases that came with it.  I usually wear
it clipped to my pants pocket with the pump in my pocket.  I do wear a fanny
pack at amusement parks and may try that for the wild rides...
-Lori  (38 years old .. dxd Feb`97 .. paradigm pump
"Lori Favreau" <email @ redacted> wrote
> We're heading to Six Flags New England this weekend (in
> Massachusetts).  This will be my first experience riding
> while on the pump.  Any secrets to keeping it secure?

I personally use a Unique Clip-N-Go for the pump, making sure it's velcro'ed
nice and tight.  On rides that bounce around a lot, I'll then tuck that into
my jeans/shorts pocket -- the combination makes sure the pump doesn't go
anywhere.  I'm not sure how you normally wear your pump, but any of the belt
loop type things should be good as long as you make sure they're attached
well and are closed properly.

My sister, who's also a coaster nut and doesn't use the clip-n-go because
she prefers to keep her pump hidden, has no problems just sticking her pump
in a velcro'ed pocket on her shorts.  If you have a pair of cargo shorts
with good sealable pockets (velcro, snaps, etc.), those work wonders -- I
almost always wear cargo shorts to a park if it's warm enough for shorts.

Another possibility, if you wear a belt bag ("fanny pack") for things like
your meter, you may be able to tuck the pump in there.  Just be careful to
not zip right over the tubing!
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