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Re: [IP] I hear ya!

Good move on your part, Debz!
Feeling like you don't deserve someone 'normal" is such a pain in the
rear-end feeling.  I often do that to myself, too.  Am trying new tactics to
trick myself into believing the truth:  I am diabetic, but I am smart,
funny, sexy, and caring.  I deserve the best that life has to offer.  I do
not deserve stupid people, hurtful, abusive relationships in any shape or
form. I do deserve the best.
some days are better than others, for sure!

<<<After coming to, my clothes wringing wet, sitting on the bed with an
empty glass with a spoon in it (was sugar water), and my husband standing
over me telling me: "I was going to call the paramedics, but I decided to
just let you die, then you came out of it.", I divorced him. That was 11
yrs. ago. My problem is that I don't feel worthy when I meet someone I"m
attracted to, and don't know how to act when the feeling is mutual. I'm
trying to overcome that, and I do believe the right one will be sent to me
at the right time, when I'm ready. I know you posted this for someone else,
but your words have also encouraged me. Thank you. Debz 

Tavia Rodriguez
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