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Re: [IP] screeners pay OT

>$18 x 40 hours per week = $720 $720 per week x 52 weeks = $37,440 Now keep 
>in mind that this is BEFORE taxes. For the job we are expecting them to 
>do, personal, private, and national security, this is not too much at all.
>  -Jef

Hmmmm and a person with a college degree is making $9.50/hr... let's do the 
math:  $9.50 X 40 hours per week = $380.00; $380.00 X 52 weeks = 
$19,760.00.  Hmmmm I think I'll tell my daughter to go apply for a job as a 
screener, at least she's got a brain since she also has a college degree.

The issue isn't that the job isn't important, it's just that does an 
ex-stripper with a GED and a relative in the airline business have enough 
compassion and knowledge to do the job?  No wonder we're being hassled at 
the security checkpoints and told all sorts of different things and nothing 
is consistant.

Wondering where my daughter can apply for that $18/hr screener's job
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