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Re: [IP] screeners pay OT

Sara, I am certain, or nearly so, that you didn't mean to imply a person
with a GED is not intelligent enough to screen, nor that fat somehow affects
our mental capabilities. Especially just too much fat to be a stripper.

Please, rethink your position. I don't think being an airport screener takes
a master's degree. I do believe it take a phenomenally thick skin (maybe fat
would help?) and also a shocking degree of patience. Mainly to put up with
people who consider you fat, uneducated, and unable.

I would think a screener must be attentive, observant, tactful, and firm.
Also conscientious. I don't see anything about fat or a GED that gets in the
way of any of that.

And I am sorry that with your master's degree you can't make more than
$37,000 a year. Sometimes we need to look for a new job after a few months.

> Do you know who is working the screening at Houston Hobby????  MY cousin's
> girlfriend...she has a GED, and she moved into this position ONLY because
> got too fat to strip anymore and because my aunt works for the
> She gets paid something like $18 an hour!  and you suggest INCREASING
> I have a MASTERS degree and i don't make that much

 Gandhi:   "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
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