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[IP] screeners pay

Jef thinks
>$720 per week x 52 weeks = $37,440

isn't much for the high school dropouts and former strippers the airports are 
hiring as screeners.....well, i guess in a world where fancy cars and 
designer water and 60" televisions rule, it isn't

I need to get a better job?  well yeah if I wanted to make more money I 
would, but unlike everyone else I know, I do what I want in my jobs cuz I 
LIKE them, not cuz of the money.  I couldn't stand whoring myself off to some 
job just for a bigger paycheck....

now if there was better INSURANCE involved...heheheheh...then I might 
consider it...

I do not think $37 plus all kinds of government benefits, including pension 
is not enough....

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