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[IP] amusing times at Busch Gardens

on the subject of amusement parks....about a year and a half ago I went to 
Busch Gardens in Tampa....

There are 4 or 5 rides there that they do NOT allow you to bring backpacks, 
belt bags, waterbottles, or ANYTHING - past the little turnstile...NOTHING.  
you have to put it all in a locker, for which they charge you 50 cents per 
use.  So, not only have you paid close to $50 to get in, you can't even take 
your bag with you to the front of the line and you have to pay MORE to leave 
your stuff...the guy goes, there is a warning at the park entrance....like I 
have a "choice" whether to bring my bag with meter, glucose tabs and snacks - 
the rest of the folks can choose what they like...why do I get to be 
discriminated against!!??

As you might expect, I took great affront to this, having in the past stood 
in lines upwards of an hour for roller coasters...there is NO way I want to 
be standing in a line with the potential wait of 1 1/2 hours (per the sign 
over the first guys head..."wait from this point - 1 1/2 hours) without my 
meter!!  without my glucose tabs!  I had never been to a park that didn't 
allow your bag to the front of the line, then they let you put your back on 
the other side of the train, or in some little cubby holes...granted not the 
safest place in the world, but at least you had it while you were waiting on 
line!  I was FURIOUS!!!!!  Fortunately for me the park was deserted adn the 
line was not that long, but it is the principle that killed me!

The only alternative to leaving my bag was to go up the handicapped entrance 
- cut to the front of the line in otherwords. that way I wouldn't be away 
from my supplies that long...bull....I hate cheating!!!  I think diabetics 
that cut to the front of the line citing insulin can't stand in the heat that 
long, i need to test my bg in private, blah blah blah perhaps ought to 
reconsider their reasoning for wanting to go to an amusement park...but that 
is another discussion...

Anyway, i always meant to write a letter to Busch Gardens, but then I said oh 
well...and never did...

so beware!!!
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