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Re: [IP] screeners pay OT

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002 email @ redacted wrote:

> gail wrote:
> > with the amount we arewilling to pay to hire educated people
> > (wherever theyare from) to handle the front-lines of security.
> Do you know who is working the screening at Houston Hobby????  MY cousin's
> girlfriend...she has a GED, and she moved into this position ONLY because she
> got too fat to strip anymore and because my aunt works for the airlines!!!!
> She gets paid something like $18 an hour!  and you suggest INCREASING THAT?
> I have a MASTERS degree and i don't make that much

Damn, you need to get yourself a better job then. Do the math, they aren't
making much:

$18 x 40 hours per week = $720

$720 per week x 52 weeks = $37,440

Now keep in mind that this is BEFORE taxes.

For the job we are expecting them to do, personal, private, and national
security, this is not too much at all.

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