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[IP] screeners pay OT

gail wrote:
> with the amount we arewilling to pay to hire educated people
> (wherever theyare from) to handle the front-lines of security.  

Do you know who is working the screening at Houston Hobby????  MY cousin's 
girlfriend...she has a GED, and she moved into this position ONLY because she 
got too fat to strip anymore and because my aunt works for the airlines!!!!  
She gets paid something like $18 an hour!  and you suggest INCREASING THAT?  
I have a MASTERS degree and i don't make that much

Did you know that they are now reporting that they are going to fall WAY 
short of hiring 50% women?  They are having trouble finding people to PASS 
the test!  hell, for $18 an hour, and gov'ment benefits, maybe I should 
consider it...but then I would probably let tweezers and manicure scissors 
through...kinda like weeding a jury I would assume...do YOU beieve in the 
death penalty...etc.

Oh I can SEE how hiring people like her are going to insure my safety.....

Sara SP AZ
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