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[IP] where to put pump and batteries

I have a couple of good ideas which have worked well for me I wanted to share
with you.
Do you always want to be sure you have spare batterie(s) for your pump? You
can put them on your keyring which everybody carries with them anyway....go to
and order their capsule (small) to keep the minimed 508's 357 batteries safe
and waterproof......if you have the minimed Paradigm pump then order the
capsule ( LARGE ) which will hold the AAA battery.
My best idea which works for me is using (same website listed above) Cobra or
Talon carabiner with the nylon web strap to hang pump. I have a keyring which
goes thru the nylon webbing of my Paradigm neoprene fitted case which
completes my pump packaging.
This is the best thing when dealing with what to do with the pump while
sleeping since all I need to do is bunch up some the fabric of my bedsheet and
just clip the pump at that spot. For work a(and play)I clip the carabiner to
the inside of my pants since I work with some nasty chemicals. If you get a
carabiner then get one with a wire "gate" since this won't mess up your
clothing like a regular carabiner. The "hanging carabiner" pump method also
helps when I'm not wearing little or no clothing at all since I just clip it
onto my medical ID necklace.
Hope this helps somebody.
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