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[IP] overseas travel

There's been some talk about airport security
screening on the list as of late, and I'd like to
expand on that: has anyone had any trouble with
overseas travel? On Friday, I'm flying to Italy on
Continental - I doubt I will have any problems here,
but I'm not sure about coming home. Continental
customer service in the US connected me with
international customer service, which said I needed a
doctor's note (! what that will mean to an Italian
gate agent, I have no clue...). In general, they
(customer service) had no idea what I was talking
about, and when I explained, STILL seemed to have no
idea what I was talking about (e.g. told me to have a
prescription for my shots. argh. I just told you, I'm
NOT ON SHOTS! ok, I'm done.) Anyone with experience in
this area? Anyone have a magic number for someone at
Continental who knows something about anything? :)

Any info. would be greatly appreciated....


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