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[IP] Amusement parks (was RE: flying with pump)

"Lori Favreau" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I have found that being upfront with security as I am passing
> through metal detectors at various amusement parks this summer
> has been helpful.

Lori, are you (or any other IP members) in ACE (American Coaster
Enthusiasts) by any chance?  I've met several fellow ACE diabetics, but
haven't met any other ACE pumpers.

The "London" trip I referred to in July was a week-long tour of amusement
parks in England.  The tour was grueling, but worth it.  The pump was a
life-saver -- I don't think I'd have ever tried that with shots.  There were
many times we had to be up early to get on the tour buses to make it to the
next park, mealtimes were all over the place, and sometimes there wasn't
much selection when food WAS available.  Couple that with the varying
activity levels (sit on bus, walk in park, sit on bus...), and the pump was
definitely useful.

(ACE:  http://www.aceonline.org/
Europe trip:  http://www.gregleg.com/coastershrine/Europe/ )
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