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[IP] "Insulin and X-Ray Security"

Last week, I received that periodic newsletter "UPdate", put out by BD.
In it, there is an article entitled "Ask Dr. Ginsberg" where he responds
to a question about the affect airport security X-rays can have on the
stability of insulin passing through the screening system. I was
surprised to read that it can have an effect, and he quoted a statement
(which I couldn't find) on the Eli Lilly & Co. website as follows:

"Under normal conditions, insulin can safely pass through X-ray machines
at airport terminals, although be cautioned if the insulin remains in
the path of the X-ray for longer than normal or if it is repeatedly
exposed to X-ray. This can affect the stability of your insulin."

I am troubled by loose statements such as "longer than normal",...and
"repeatedly". So often, the security person stops the machine travel and
scrutinizes the contents of my carry on bag being bombarded by X-rays.
Does this qualify as "longer than normal"?

The article goes on to suggest asking security to pass the insulin
through by hand. Seems like that's looking for more trouble.

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