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[IP] Re: Is anyone using U-500?

>>> I want to dilute it in half to U-250.  This would give me 1/4 unit per
.1 bolus or 4 units per 1 unit. >>>

This sounds scary to me. Why? Well, doesn't the pump have a screen to set
the concentration so all you need to do is set the units and it delivers the
correct amount? I do not believe there is a setting for u-250 insulin and in
a *fog* or stress, etc., the incorrect amount could easily be set.

Tonight we went out with friends after church. I pulled out my pump and did
the bolus I thought I needed. I feel thirsty and high. I tested: 237.
Programming a correction bolus I see my last one was 0.6u at 3:00 p.m.  I
KNOW I programmed it - but prolly didn't hit activate or something - it was
too noisy to hear the clicks so I didn't notice until much later.

It is cases like mine that the wrong programming could be done with a
concentration of U-250 since it isn't manufactured. YMMV (~_^)

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