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you wrote:
> They also asked me to pause the pump action during take-off 
> and landing to avoid electronic problems for the aircraft.  

ARE YOU F&*(ING KIDDING ME??!?!??!?   I hope you said not a chance in 
hell!!!!  Ok, here is an extreme scenario, and in light of what is coming up 
this week, probably totally inapproriate but then, so are the airlines 
instructions to you.....

WHAT IF, if, during take off, the plane does a boo boo.  and ugliness ensures 
in which you are knocked unconscious, but not quite dead....Your pump is 
OFF...sure your survived the plane boo boo...but due to the length of time it 
took to extricate you and get  you on an ambulance and all, you suffered from 
severe DKA and maybe even DIED.

Do they tell pace maker wearers do DISCONTINUE the use of their HEARTS during 
take off and landing...sure, no problem...i will just hold my breath for the 
next 3 minutes...not a problem..hey am i blue yet?  can i let my heart pump 

Ridiculous.........There is NOTHING in your pump that is going to interfere 
with their stupid controls adn if there was there would have been 28 more 
plane crashes in the last year simply from me doing my costomary preflight 
ajustment to a temporary basal AS I TAKE OFF!.  Incidentally there is also 
nothing in a cassette player that could interfere either...they just want to 
CONTROL everything...well GOOD LUCK

hope there are no employees of US Air on IP...I am flying them in 2 

Hey y'all remember what the armed forces policy was...Don't Ask, Don't Tell?  
or something like that...Seems to me that ought to be good enough for us in 
situations where our lives could be damaged by telling and NO one will get 
hurt if we don't.  Like I am gonna wait in line for 30 minutes to get through 
the initial xray and then volunteer that I am carrying sharp objects and 
other contraband, resulting in a wand and pat down...

Sara who walks through the airports with a copy of Arianna Huffington's book 
HOW TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT, just to see how many people freak out, and 
who is just FLABBERGASTED that the airlines told you to SUSPEND your pump.  
Since WHEN are they DOCTORS and are capable of telling US how to adminster 
our treatment!!!
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