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[IP] Is anyone using U-500?

Hello to all!

I am scheduled for Paradigm upgrade training this Friday and this is my 
question and dilemma:

I'm currently using about 50- 60 units of Hunalog per day in my 508.  Since I 
don't really want to change reservoir and site every other day, I have asked 
my CDE if I could use U-500 Regular in the Paradigm (since MM has apparently 
dropped the U-200 ball), but I want to dilute it in half to U-250.  This 
would give me 1/4 unit per .1 bolus or 4 units per 1 unit. My Endo's office 
currently has nobody doing dilutions in a pump.
So - is anybody currently using U-500, either full strength or diluted in a 

I know that there are people who dilute to U-50 and I would appreciate that 
input, too.


Katherine Nelson & MyHope (the pump)
dx T2 '86, T1 '96, MM 508 since 5/15/01
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