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Re: [IP] Pump and new security at airport

Thanks for the support.  I thought I'd get flamed - so for I've had two 
emails of support.  I'm going to copy and paste to you what I wrote to the 
other person who agreed with me.  Hold on . . . 

OMG - someone who has had enough already.  Have you ever heard of Michael 
Savage.  His website is michaelsavage.com - - he also has another website - 
you can find the link to it on the first site I mention.  Anyway, he's all 
for Borders, Language, Culture - he's great.  He has a talk show - not your 
typical AM radio talk show, however.  On one of the websites you can type in 
your city and find out if you  have a local AM station that airs his show.  
It comes on my local AM radio at 12 midnight - 2 am.  I usually listen - 
however, it gets me so pissed off and my blood pressure so high that I 
usually have to turn it off to go to sleep.  I have to get up early and if I 
get too angry - I can't sleep.  You should check it out - I think you'd like 
it if you agree with my email - which you seem to do.  Anyway, thanks - now 
I'm going back to my email to see if anyone else responded.  Thanks, Tammy

In a message dated 9/8/02 6:53:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> TTAAAAMMMMMEEEE  I could not agree with you more!!!!  Thank you for saying 
> what I have been thinking and feling for a very long time!!!!  That is why 
> when the non-English speaking lady in FL was ravaging through my purse  and 
> telling me I was going to lose my nail clippers I wanted to ask her forher 
> geen card!!!!!  I erally was ticked that I could barely undertand her and 
> SHE 
> is the security force telling ME I look like a threat to our national 
> security.
> Sylvia
> mom to joshua
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