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Re: [IP] Pump and new security at airport

I'm flying for the first time since 9/11/2001 next month.  You know, it's 
bad enough that I'm a "white knuckle" flyer to begin with, but all these 
stories about airport security are stressing me out too.  Well, guess I 
won't have to worry about low bgs this trip, the stress will keep me nice 
and high!

I'm flying on America West Airlines and their information on their website 
says to tell the screener up front that you have diabetes and are on an 
insulin pump.  This same information is also on the TSA website.  So, I 
guess if they want to search my stuff they can do so, they won't find any 
surprises.  If they want me to take off my pump, they are in a big surprise 
with me too (haha Sara) since I more than likely WILL have my set in my 
thigh and will have to drop my drawers to disconnect, but I think I would 
just refuse to do so.  Since the pump is MY PANCREAS, when the screener 
removes his/her pancreas, then I will remove mine.  The TSA website carries 
this information:

>Should a passenger with diabetes be denied boarding a flight or be faced 
>with any other unforeseen diabetes related difficulty while passing 
>through security checkpoints, he or she should speak the security 
>checkpoint supervisor. If the problem is not resolved to the passenger's 
>satisfaction or if a passenger feels he or she has been discriminated 
>against or treated unfairly by federal security checkpoint personnel, 
>please contact the TSA hotline at 1-866-289-9673.

I don't plan to be discriminated against by any security screener, I 
realize that they have a job to do, but giving me a hard time because I 
have a disease I didn't ask for is not acceptable to me.

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