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Re: [IP] Pump and new security at airport

Well, here's what I'd do and I'll probably get flamed for it - but I'd demand 
to speak to someone who speaks ENGLISH - we are in AMERICA - problem solved!  
Unless, of course, you are a person who wants to be very PC about life - then 
I guess your only choice is to learn to speak the language of the security 
person but gosh - we never know what language that might be at any given time 
seeing as how we let anybody and everybody into our country.  Now which makes 
more sense to you - they learn your language or you learn their's  - - 
whatever that might be.  Good luck - you goin need it at these airports.  
Tammy (who isn't angry at Pam - just the deplorable sad state of affairs our 
country is in).  

In a message dated 9/8/02 11:02:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I just wanted to post a message to tell about my experience and see if 
> anyone 
> else had suggestions.
> I fly about 5-7 times per year for my job and I am always concerned about 
> my 
> pump and the metal detector going off.  My experience has been that my 
> underwire bra, not my pump sets it off and then the domino effect when they 
> do a pat down, they almost always feel my pump.  I have worn it in my bra 
> and 
> also on my hip.  The problem is this:  Usually the airport security 
> personnel 
> is not always affluent in English and I have difficulty explaining that it 
> is 
> an insulin pump and I can't take it off and send it through the x-ray.  
> It is a real pain to take it off, put it on suspend, and send it through 
> the 
> x-ray.  
> I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems or solutions.  Does 
> anyone carry a doctor's note?  Any experience with this problem would be 
> appreciated.
> I have been through the airport 5 times, and only once, in Canada, did they 
> ask me what it was, when I explained, they let me right through.  Every 
> other 
> time, it didn't even go off.  
> Pam, pumping since January, 
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